Art and Canals

Amsterdam, 2017-06-01

For our last full day in Amsterdam, we decided to head back to Rembrandt Park before breakfast. I ended up running solo, with Amy and Andy going their own pace, and Nadine walking. I did 5km, a little bit slower than my normal pace at home, but it felt really good. This year my goal is to get my 5km time under 25 minutes, but more importantly, I'm aiming to stretch distance to a half-marathon.

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A Lesson in Un-Eroticism

Amsterdam, 2017-05-31

I did not sleep well. I woke up feeling a little bit dizzy and with a general "sloshiness" in the brainpan. I decided to just chill in the house, letting my head recover, while Andy & Amy went exploring. It was a wise decision.

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Running and Walking

Writing continues in the Al Reem lounge in Abu Dhabi airport after the shorter of the two flights home.

Amsterdam, 2017-05-30

Our Airbnb was right next to Rembrandt Park, so we woke up in the morning and headed over there to take a bit of a run and get the legs moving. The park is quite impressive, and is obviously an arterial route for cycle commuters, as the traffic was quite high. The bike path was very wide and clearly marked with red asphalt for the bicycle traffic, and a separate path for the pedestrians. So far we'd seen a lot of running in the bike lanes, and this seemed to be largely tolerated, but with such generous space, we ran in the pedestrian lanes.

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Flying with an American to Amsterdam

U27906, PRG ✈️ AMS, 2017-05-29

Our flight out of Prague was perfectly timed for a civilised wake-up, relaxed breakfast, and then time to pack before heading out to the airport. We had decided to book a private car back to the airport as well, and ended up with the same driver (but only some of the same stories, since he partially remembered us).

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Almost Missed It!

As I write this, it's the day I'm heading home, and I'm still several days behind in the journal. My travelling companions all left at various points this morning, so now I just have several hours to kill until my flight in the evening. And so, I find myself in Starbucks, catching up on my journaling with a cold brew and a chocolate chip cookie...

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