So a travel blog maybe

So, inspired by antitravelleradventures, I thought this trip I'd write down bits and pieces as Andy1 and I went along our travels. I know I've already written up a bit about the journey to Romania, but that was easy (something about sitting around in airports with a nice blank Moleskine). We'll see how I go on the remaining days. But for now, there's a "travel" category.

Since I've started writing by hand, I'll continue to do so, and then type up entries (maybe edited, maybe not) and post them as I remember. Somewhere in the ideals of this holiday is a desire to actually disconnect a bit from my devices and the internet. I won't even pretend that I will be "offline" for the trip, but hopefully not as stuck staring at a screen as I usually am at home.

  1. my fiancee for those playing at home 

Thoughts on Chromecast

I got myself a Chromecast on the weekend, since they're finally available in stores in Australia, and I was mallratting around.

Setup was pretty easy, clear instructions on screen and set up on iPhone. Not having to use a remote control to enter WPA passphrase shouldn't be amazing, but it is.

User experience depends wildly on the app. I've tested so far with YouTube on iOS, Plex on iOS and Google Chrome on Mac to stream tabs and desktop, and figured I may as well write some thoughts down.

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