Shortcuts on iOS

One of the things that I've started to use more and more lately is the Shortcuts app on iOS. This was a 3rd party app called "Workflow" a few years ago, but in 2018 Apple bought it out and introduced "Shortcuts" as part of iOS 12. The idea is that it introduces a bunch of different automations to iPad/iPhone, including integration with third-party apps that support it.

Since I just spent the morning playing around with various shortcuts and creating a few new ones to streamline my blogging workflow on the iPad, I thought I'd write up a few words on how I use it.

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My Next Computer Is Not A Computer

I've not had a purely personal laptop for several years now. At my previous job, I decided that I was blending work + home so much that it made more sense to just have one machine for all. Luckily, I was in a position to institute a "BYOD" program at work that actually let work save on hardware costs, and also let me recoup some personal costs for the machine I really wanted (13" MacBook Pro) - win-win! Once I moved to Amazon I was issued a 13" MBP as standard, and didn't want to manage 2 laptops. The "old" one (essentially the same spec as the AWS-issued one) stayed in the family, but I settled around just using the same laptop for work and pleasure, using my Mac Mini at home occasionally.

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Return to the DMG

Last night I had virtual drinks with a couple of mates - one from Sydney, and another who moved to Japan at the start of the year (what a time to change countries!). To make it feel a little different from the standard daily VC load, I rugged up and sat outside on the verandah instead, lounging in a comfy chair with a mosquito coil burning under me. The bottle of Shiraz Mataro helped too.

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