Running Tour

As I write it's the last evening in Amsterdam, so I'm trying to catch up before I fly home. I do have some time tomorrow though.

Praha, 2017-08-27

We started our day with a running tour of Prague. Our guide, Natalie, picked us up from the hotel at 07:30, and we set off to see the sights of Prague sans-tourists. I love doing running tours in other cities. I still need to get better at pre-planning and booking, but I intend to make a more concerted effort to do these in the future.

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Communism, Alchemists and Beer

When we checked into the hotel, we were offered two choices: a room with a double bed, but right next to the bar, or a room with three single beds, and we could change rooms in the morning. In the interests of a good night's sleep, we took the 3 x 1 option. After breakfast, we changed into a double room, which immediately smelled of cigarette smoke. Stupidly, we decided not to say anything further, just dumped our bags and went out to get on with our day. We'd already lost a lot of time in the morning, so we intended to sort it out in the afternoon on our return.

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Medieval Walking

Even for me, this entry took a while to write. I started this entry in the morning of the 25th, added little snippets here and there on the 26th and 29th, and ended up finishing it in Amsterdam on the 30th. Prague had something in the air that made me not feel like journalling. I fell back to just taking daily notes on my phone, and spent free time typing up old entries and editing photos, rather than writing.

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Car, Plane, Bus and Cobblestones

București, 2017-05-24

After almost 2 weeks, the cocks finally got me!

We've heard roosters crowing basically every morning, but always after waking up. Today they caught me as I stirred at 05:00, and managed to break through and properly wake me up. Given that I didn't get to sleep until ~00:30, I forsee some grump today. But we have a short flight, and then a long bus trip, so options for napping abound.

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Last Day in Bucharest

București, 2017-05-23

Andy's grandmother had an appointment at 09:30, so we decided to take advantage of the "forced" exit, and head out to our favourite bookstore / everything store - Cărturești. The only "problem" is that it opens at 10:00, and we were early.

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