New Job: 6 Month Report

It's been a busy six months. I started with email and calendaring, moving one set of users from Exchange 2003 to Google Apps, and another set from an existing Google Apps domain to the new one. Maybe sometime I'll write about the pain of migrating from one Google Apps domain to another, but right now I'm still enjoying the fact that it's done, and I don't have to think about it again.

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Coffee Morning

Call it a guilty pleasure, a necessary part of my morning ritual, or a caffeine addiction, but every morning I make myself a flat white. After a few years of this ritual, and some gear that at least seems reasonable to me, I'd like to think that I can make a pretty tasty and consistent coffee. Still working on my milk pouring and latte art skills (or lack thereof), but felt like taking a few pics with the iPhone this weekend.

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Coffee Time - a set on Flickr

Quick change JSS url

# Swap to dev server, or test server with parameter, otherwise, set to production.
if [[ $1 == "dev" ]]
  defaults write com.jamfsoftware.jss url
elif [[ $1 == "test" || $1 == "jsstest" ]]
  defaults write com.jamfsoftware.jss url
  defaults write com.jamfsoftware.jss url
# Output what was set
defaults read com.jamfsoftware.jss url

Hopefully that helps someone.