Boston MA, 2014-12-16

Tuesday was our last full day in Boston, and since we spent Monday in Salem, it was really our only full day in Boston. We kicked it off with an early breakfast and then a 5K running tour. The start of the tour was beside the finish line of the Boston marathon, next to the Boston Public Library. Since we were starting only 2km away from our hotel, we decided to walk there as a "warm up".

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Boston MA, 2014-12-15

One of our big goals was to see Salem, Massachusetts. The plan had been to head out early and spend the whole day out there seeing the sights, a couple of the museums before dinner and a ghost tour. Unfortunately, in a lazy morning bout of television, we discovered HGTV - a home-improvement cable channel. We watched several back-to-back episodes of Property Brothers before eventually dragging ourselves out for a morning jog around the Boston Common and Public Gardens. It felt good to be jogging again after a week or two off, although the cold air was a bit of a shock to the system.

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The Magic of Trains

Boston MA, 2014-12-14

The whole reason we flew in to Newark was so that we could catch the Amtrak to Boston. We rose early to catch the start of breakfast at our hotel1 and I was bemused by the fact that all the crockery, cutlery, etc was all disposable. Heavy duty cardboard plates, plastic cutlery and drinking cups and foam coffee cups (with the plastic lids, for full takeaway goodness). I guess that's one way to save on cleanup costs, but I can't say it strikes me as particularly environmentally friendly. After breakfast we jumped on to the hotel shuttle back to the airport to wait for the Amtrak.

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