24 Hour Layover

Newark NJ, 2014-12-13

It's been a busy 36 (or so) hours across two cities in two different continents. First a whirlwind stop in Zurich, and then finally reaching the US (about 2 years after our original plans).

warning: quite a few pictures in this one

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Pre-Flight Brain

LX1885 OTP -> ZHR, 2014-12-12

So it's a bit of a thing with me that I get to airports early when I fly, especially when travelling internationally. Part of it is the relaxation of being through security and just sitting down and plane/people-watching. Most of it though is that I'm a nervous knot of stress and anxiety before I'm through security. It's not at all related to the "flying" part, I actually really enjoy being in a tin can hurtling through the air at 900 km/h. What gets me really nervous is the prospect of not making it through all the steps of the dance that lead to the actual flying.

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The Artist

Bucharest, 2014-12-11

For our last night in Bucharest, we met up with some friends and went to Bucharest's top-rated restaurant. "The Artist" is another "fusion" restaurant, but has a sense of playfulness in its menu and presentation.

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