Road Trip Part II

Port Cetate → Deva, 2017-05-16

Jet lag still played a part in our sleep schedule, with both of us waking up ~05:00. Andy managed to go back to sleep, but I opted to stay up for reading and journalling time.

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Road Trip Part I

Bucuresti, 2017-05-15

Despite our best efforts to acclimate to the timezone by "pushing through" and exercise, I still woke up around 05:00. This trip I'm trying (failing) to cordon off internet access to set periods of time, or at least not be "always on". This meant I spent most of the morning reading (Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology), and then writing in my journal over coffee. Which I guess is precisely the motivation behind disconnecting from devices.

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Running Away From Jetlag

Bucuresti, 2017-05-14

Because we could, we signed up for a 10km race the day after we arrived in the country. Thankfully, Europeans don't like waking up in the morning, so the race didn't start until 0815. We caught the Metro into town, met up with Ana (one of Andy's friends from primary school), and took our places in the starting zone.

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