The Met (Part 1)

New York NY, 2014-12-29

As we get closer and closer to the end of our trip, it gets harder to take the time to write up things in my journal - there's so much still to do! At the same time, I'm definitely starting to get a bit of holiday fatigue, and cramming more into every day isn't really a helpful option. Andy and I already know we'll have to come back to NYC, so we're starting to mentally move some things to the "next-time" list.

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A Day in Brooklyn

New York NY, 2014-12-27

Yesterday it was Andy's turn to have holiday illness, so we had a bit of a rest day. We ventured out to grab some food, take a little walk through the park and visit the Moleskine store1, but otherwise it was a quiet day, which let me catch up on my writing. We caught the start of a "Harry Potter Weekend" on TV, and spent the evening watching Chamber of Secrets.

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