Change of Pace

A couple of chilled days in Bucharest, slowing down after the continual pace of the road trip. Even managed to get back "live" in the journal, and not just writing up old events based on scribbled notes. I thought about fixing the weird shifting between tenses, and then decided that I'm not paying myself to edit. Sorry.

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Road Trip Part VI

Albeștii Pământeni → Predeal → București, 2017-05-20

The plan for our final day of the road trip was to strike out east and head to a winery in the Prahova Valley for wine tasting and lunch, and then drive back to Bucharest for a jazz concert.

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Road Trip Part V

Sibiu → Albeștii Pământeni, 2017-05-19

The original plan was to drive to Sighișoara in the morning, then continue on to Albești in the evening. Since Andy's dad (who was driving) didn't sleep well, we decided to just chill out in Sibiu in the morning, and then go straight to Albești in the evening.

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Road Trip Part IV

Alba Iulia → Salina Turda → Sibiu, 2017-05-18

After a lazy start, we set off to a salt mine. Salina Turda is a medieval salt mine that was active until 1932. It's been extensively renovated (to within an inch of its life), but is a spectacular sight nonetheless. The renovations are a little bit peculiar ...

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Road Trip Part III

Deva → Alba Iulia, 2017-05-17

Despite the odd accomodation, we had a really good night's sleep. We decided to have a short run to burn off at least a little bit of the excesses of the previous nights. We ran an easy 2km through the old town of Deva with Andy's dad, and it was really nice to just roll the legs over.

After a nice breakfast (Vegemite toast FTW!) and a long conversation with one of the local cats, we set off for "Castle Day".

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