Of Robots, Apples, Monkeys and Blogs ...

Robot Apple Monkey Blog ... Admittedly it's not the most catchy or flowing moniker for a blog, but it's what I've got at the moment.

A bit of backstory, perhaps?

A while back I was hunting for a domain name for personal email. It was a brainstorming process that just involved a whole bunch of random words and syllables being thrown together to see what shit stuck together. Out of that came "Robot Apple" and robotapple.com. At some point in 2007, I decided I wanted to do an election blog, being that I was working on the 2007 Australian federal election campaign (for a pollster). I installed wordpress, wrote a few introductory posts and promptly got stuck into actually working on the election campaign, and decided that I didn't want to be writing a blog on top of that, I'd rather just go play World of Warcraft or Halo 3 and not think about politics and polling when I wasn't actually working (which, as is frequently the case in campaigns, wasn't that often anyway).

So, now I'm back. And starting again. Expect changes all over the place in colour scheme, layout and style of writing. It will take a while to find my feet with regular blogging, but at the heart of it, this is a vanity blog, so odds are it will only interest me anyway, and I'll be the only regular reader. I can hack it.

Web junky attempts to re-start a vanity blog with an introductory post that may well be the last. More at 11.


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