21 uploaded, 406 to go ...

One thing about your internet being capped ... makes it much easier to focus on sorting through photos!

Whittled the 200-odd photos taken while skiing in July down to 21 shots uploaded to flickr. Check them out over there. The down side is that while I was sorting through iPhoto, I found another batch of photos that need sorting, so my total didn't go down quite as much as I was hoping. Still, 406 is a better number than 600.

Photo crazy

I've always been interested in photography. Not too interested, but a lazy interest in knowing the basics. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I also have an interest in the gear itself, so when my partner and I bought a digital SLR last year, we decided to get the Nikon D80

The good, and bad, thing about having a good camera is that you feel the need to justify the large sums of money spent on it by taking a lot of photos. Although I enjoy taking photos, I'm typically not the type of person to photographically record every major event, simply because I hate being that guy who wanders around at a party taking photos, not having a party. As a result, my photos tend towards landscapes and places, rather than people. What it also means is that when I do take the camera out, I take a LOT of photos.

Coming back from a recent ski trip, the camera had 250-odd photos on it. Not bad given that it was one day of photos in a place where, trust me, I've taken a lot of photos in the past. And then this past weekend was up at my parents' property ("The Glen") in the Hunter Valley (just north of Sydney), which netted another 266 photos. Combine that with some other, smaller "rolls" and my "Current Working" set - being all the photos I need to filter through, clean up and upload - is sitting at around 600 now.

Of course, that will filter down to something like 30-40 shots that make it up to my flickr page, but that's a lot of culling to do! And on that note, I've got some photo tweaking to do - expect some serious picspam in a post soon!

For now, here are four shots that I uploaded quickly, just so it felt like I got something done.

Bee and Cherry Blossom 1 Bee and Cherry Blossom 2

View From the House Front Paddock