Sometime last year I installed Headspace on my phone. This is an app (and website) focussed on the concept of mindfulness, and training the mind to be more present and aware of the immediate world, and less distracted. The history of "mindfulness" isn't a nice, neat, and orderly timeline that shows how it's developed, but it's safe to say that it sits somewhere between "borrows heavily from" and "taken directly from" Buddhist anapanasati (breath meditation).

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Switching to Python

For a long time this blog has been a static site, generated using Octopress and a lot of custom tweaks to various plugins, libraries and themes that I've gathered along the way. I started using Octopress in May 2013, and looking at the git repo for the site, it looks like on 2013-06-10 I saw the light and started tracking revisions. Now I've embraced the change I foreshadowed at the start of my holiday, and moved to a python-based static site generator.

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The Voyage Home

Sydney NSW, 2015-01-04

We woke up neither too late nor too dusty, since neither of us had had much to drink (relative to our respective tolerances). Andy had sensibly done the bulk of her packing before we went out to Brooklyn, while I lay in bed watching HGTV, so my morning was a little more active.

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