So a travel blog maybe

So, inspired by antitravelleradventures, I thought this trip I'd write down bits and pieces as Andy1 and I went along our travels. I know I've already written up a bit about the journey to Romania, but that was easy (something about sitting around in airports with a nice blank Moleskine). We'll see how I go on the remaining days. But for now, there's a "travel" category.

Since I've started writing by hand, I'll continue to do so, and then type up entries (maybe edited, maybe not) and post them as I remember. Somewhere in the ideals of this holiday is a desire to actually disconnect a bit from my devices and the internet. I won't even pretend that I will be "offline" for the trip, but hopefully not as stuck staring at a screen as I usually am at home.

  1. my fiancee for those playing at home 


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