Why "tweetblasts" don't really bother me.

With the recent Macheist promotion, it's unsurprising that there's been a wave of "tweetblasts" concerning Macheist, and then the predictable complaints about the "spam" on twitter. Is it really that bad?

Of the people you follow on twitter, how many of them delight, entertain or inform you with every tweet? The Macheist tweetblast is one tweet, then it's gone. Yes, this can be exacerbated by having multiple people on your twitter feed post the same message, but that happens so often on Twitter with the latest viral video, meme or photo of a speedo-clad politician.

At the end of the day, it's one tweet, easily ignored (or in my case, one tweet lost in the stream). And maybe, one day, I'll see something that I might be interested in, just like every other time someone I follow posts a link.

Of course, that said, I don't post the links myself on my main twitter account. I have a second account for sending out things like that, because I know that many people don't like that style of tweet, and, well, sometimes I try not to be a dick. But I have no issue with people posting them, and if I unfollow you, it's nothing to do with a tweetblast, it's probably personal. :P


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