Switching (again)

So I finally cracked the shits with Optus and their spotty reception around UTS, and absolutely terribad data network. Let's not even mention charging for tethering, since the data network was so bad. I bought a Telstra pre-paid sim, and decided to port my old number across and have a play.

Perhaps activating a new number, and porting an old number, over the phone on a Friday evening wasn't the smartest idea. The new number came up straight away. The port didn't, and it wasn't until Monday evening that everything transferred across number wise. Once that was done, I found that the default iPhone APN for mobile data wasn't working. I could browse the internet, but couldn't access the iPhone specific stuff (tethering / unmetered site to check usage, etc). MessageBank also seemed to have failed somewhere in the number porting.

So bracing myself for the worst, I put my headset on and called Telstra. After 18 minutes on the phone, my internet is fully functional, tethering is enabled, and a request has been lodged for voicemail issues. The two people I spoke to were well spoken, only slightly too chirpy, and didn't bullshit around.

So far, as much as it goes against the common trend, I'm happy with Telstra. Here's hoping the honeymoon continues.

Sen from my iPhone with a functioning data network.


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