Counting down ...

One of the things I am most looking forward to about Apple's "whatever" announcement tomorrow is the end to the rumour cycle. There will be 24-36 hours of wall to wall coverage of what they actually released, but then life will continue and people will move on.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a proud Apple fan, and I will be seriously looking at / considering whatever they release tomorrow, but I am SO DAMN SICK OF HEARING ABOUT IT. To adopt Andy Ihnatko's term, the Rumoured Apple Tablet (RAT) has been an item of fanboi speculation for so long that I thought that when the mill started turning again late last year it was just the regular repeat of the same old story. Over the last few months the chatter has been steadily building, to the point in December or so last year when I realised that I was pretty convinced it was going to happen, and a lot of the tech blogs/podcasts/etc that I follow were also equally convinced. But since then we've had 6-8 weeks of CONSTANT barrage of rumours, "leaks" and "prototypes" that are just starting to get painful now.

Guys and gals, we get it, you're excited. But you know when it's gonna be announced, you know that everything out there is either a scratching of the surface of what the RAT actually is, or else it's just a flat out fabrication. Probably mostly the latter, given the lack of takedown letters flying around.

So Apple, rock on tomorrow and bring out anything ... then at least I know that I only have a day or so of Jesus Tablet coverage left.


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