I want to build my bicycle

At the end of last year I fell off my bike. Not in the literal sense, but more in the sense where cycling to work was the bandwagon, and I was doing it, and then I wasn't. Over the Christmas/NY break I had a couple of rides and really wished I was back on the bike and doing more cycling. I'm back into it now, focussing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday as my unbreakable cycle-commute days and then riding whenever I feel like it around that.

So far it's working, and I've registered over at dailymile to keep track of all the cycling I do (xeyr is my username over there).

Next project - building up the Surly Instigator frame that I just bought off ebay ...  It's last year's model, bright orange and is gonna end up being an off roader for doing silly stuff with my brother and friends that are "that way inclined." Looking forward to it, even though it's gonna be an interesting experience working out how to build a bike!


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