Working is expensive!

I'm sure I was saving more money when I was on a small retainer, working one day a week and basically being a man of leisure the rest of the time. Back then, I would make myself coffee at home, occasionally wander out after lunch and do some grocery shopping or just enjoy being outside. Okay, who am I kidding? I made coffee and played World of Warcraft. But still, it was cheaper than now.

See now, I'm working full time and being paid a satisfactory amount, but I'm still paying for all the regular things that I was paying for before. In addition, I'm now spending around $10 per day just on coffee. To break it down, that's one on the way in to work, one in the morning (yes, often straight after I get to work) with the team and then usually one after lunch or in the mid afternoon.

On top of that you have lunch, which can cheap out at $0 (brought from home), or can involve a further $8-$15 per day (far, far more frequent). And then there's getting home after work, not being bothered to cook, and so the "takeaway" (that quotation marks mean "delivered to the door").

So I've gone from spending between $0-$10 per day (on a splurge day) to now sitting at around $20-$25 most days, and occasionally $45. Ouch. Working is expensive!


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