The Rise and Rise of (red bull) Product Placement

So I read on my local paper's website that the 30 second TV spot is in trouble, and product placement is on the rise. I think the first half of the argument is a little premature, but there's no doubt that product placement is becoming more and more prominent in film and television, at least that coming out of the big US machines. I've certainly started to notice it more and more in stuff that I've been watching, although it's likely that that's at least partially because my sensitivity to such things has been raised.

But surely it's getting ridiculous when movie trailers start picking up the (sponsor's) message and running with it. Have a look at the trailer for the latest Jim Carrey film, "Yes Man". Seems to be all going fine until you get to about 1 minute in ... even then it's just dropped casually. Then about 10 seconds later, in case you missed the first one, RED BULL RED BULL RED BULL RED BULL. I mean, I get it, the movie industry wants more money, and they can get that from advertisers in the form of product placement. How else do you explain Apple usage in "Hollywood America" being exponentially larger than the regular USA? But sometimes it's just ridiculous.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm thirsty ...


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