Sims 2 Madness

I understand the concept of expansion packs. They can breathe new life into an old game, drawing more money out of the installed user base. A well written (and marketed) expansion can also serve to bring new customers into the franchise. But sometimes computer game franchises, as with movies, television shows and musical groups, can take this a bit far, and an expansion will come out that was definitely one expansion too many.

The Sims is a fairly long-running computer game franchise, that has been through 2 core versions of the PC game, along with several spin-off games on various platforms and many, many expansion packs. To be honest, I pretty much lost interest in The Sims after creating a household based on my friends and causing the tragic clown to send them all insane before burning them all alive.

Affordable Swedish Crap - for your Sims!

Anyway ... Many people probably already think that The Sims franchise has long past the point of too many expansions. I think that with The Sims 2 IKEA Home Stuff, there is now no doubt that it's time for this franchise to be put in a bathroom with no doors and a tragic clown.

Maybe things will be better with The Sims 3?


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