Credit card fail...

Maybe I'm wierd for checking my credit card statement every two weeks, but I do, so colour me wierd. So when


showed up on my statement, I was a little bit perturbed. I racked my brain for what I'd spent money on recently, or what that could possibly be. I googled the company name, nothing. My other half checked the Australian Business Register - found the company listing, but no clues as to who it might be. Eventually, after both of us mentally backtracking all the purchases we'd made lately, we traced it back to a DVD purchase at ezydvd.

Now sometimes credit card billing names don't always match on some smaller companies, but seriously, WTF? This is ezydvd, a fairly well known chain. It appears that the answer is franchise-owned stores, but surely they can reach some agreement that customers don't have lines on their credit card statements that are only identifiable by the annoyingly common misspelling of a single word.

Maybe I should go buy something expensive from them, then contest it with the bank when it comes up on my statement, or is that being too much of a dick?


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